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I’m a big fan of jDownloader. I’ve been using it for years, and use it to this day for random Youtube video downloads and to work with my Linksnappy account. I’m starting this site out with some quick, basic guides to help you do basic things with jDownloader. The first is how to find and change the default file save location.

Finding jDownloader Save Location Settings

When you first install and open up jDownloader, you do not see a lot of options. However, if you click on the Settings tab from the menu bar, then choose Settings again, you’ll see more settings options:

Change jDownloader save file location

To change the default save location for Jdownloader, choose General in the left-side menu:

Changing JDownloader Settings - File Save Location

Under the first heading, Download Folder, click Browse:

Change folder for jDownloader downloads

A new window will pop up. You can click on Explore to navigate your computer’s file system to look for a new save location. I’m assuming a lot of people who change their Jdownloader save path want to move downloads to an external or secondary hard drive. You have the option to create a new folder if you wish.

Once you’ve created or entered the download location you want, click on Save:

Choosing a new folder for Jdownloader file saving

By default, jDownloader uses your default download folder for your computer. However, with this guide you should be able to both find and change this setting easily enough.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

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